Who can participate?

You can. The Smokestack is an all-ages space. We are interested in creating opportunities for all kinds of people to make all kinds of art.

REAL TALK. Being with our peers is cool. Meeting new people with similar interests is cool. Intergenerational artmaking is cool.

MORE REAL TALK. Our western society and educational system are set up to support artmaking for kids and teens, but not so much for adults. There is a growing field called “creative aging” that is making sure that people 65+ have access to artmaking opportunities in public spaces, but not a heck of a lot of low-barrier-to-entry artmaking options for people in their 20s onward.

Will The Smokestack offer programming for k-12? We will do as part of programs designed to welcome people across generations. Primarily, we will focus on creating programs and events designed for adults.

If The Smokestack is “nomadic” how will it work?

Pop-Up Series

The Smokestack will partner with other organizations to secure various artmaking spaces around Westchester in which to offer visual, literary, and performing arts workshops.


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