The Smokestack is an all-ages artspace where anything can happen.

“Creativity” is prized in pop culture and sometimes in business. For many, it gets overshadowed by “real life.” Making art is not only fun, it’s healthy. Good for our brains AND our social lives.

When we were little, we didn’t need to think about making time for creativity. We didn’t take it too seriously. And we benefitted from the activity, whether working in a group or on our own.

As adults, it is harder to fit in time for artmaking. However, the more we deprioritize this part of ourselves, the more stressed out we feel. Let’s change that. ;)

The Smokestack promotes #socialArtmaking as a way to make this happen.

— Shannon McDonough, Founder

What do you want to create next?

Who has the time? You do. If you schedule it, you will do it. Whether you attend a Smokestack artmaking event solo or with friends, you will learn something and meet new people. Guaranteed. No downside.

Visual/Studio Arts

Visual arts tend to come to mind first when we talk about art. The huge and varied world of visual and studio arts gets our hands dirty, and gives us the chance to share our way of seeing.

When we were little, we all characterized ourselves as “artists” and needed little prompting to draw, paint, or sculpt. Let’s get back to that flow.

Literary Arts

Are writers “artists”? Well, they would likely say that “they write.” (Psst: they are artists, too.) Poets, novelists, playwrights, and essayists — The Smokestack welcomes all types, no matter what you call yourself. Let’s create space and time to workshop your projects with experts and peers.

Performing Arts

Maybe you want to feel what it’s like to feel the energy of a great crowd, use a different part of your brain, or move your body. Whether you have always wanted to act, do stand-up, sing, learn an instrument, or dance (for the first time or again), you are not alone. The Smokestack is a place where you can hone these skills and build on what you know.

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Make art. Find your people. Be happy.

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